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This weight converter includes almost all the conversions between weight units, including common weight units in tons, kilograms, grams, milligrams, and some uncommon weight units such as Grain, PennyWeight, US short ton, British long ton, Dram. and many more. Select any weight unit to enter the value, click on the convert button to get the value of the weight in all other weight units.

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Knowledge of converter

  1. cwt(British) = British long hundredweight
  2. cwt(American) = US short hundredweight
  3. (long) ton = British long ton
  4. short ton = US short ton


The avoirdupois system (/ˌævərdəˈpɔɪz/, /ævwɑːdjuːˈpwɑː/; abbreviated avdp) is a measurement system of weights which uses pounds and ounces as units. It was first commonly used in the 13th century and was updated in 1959.

In 1959, by international agreement, the definitions of the pound and ounce became standardized in countries which use the pound as a unit of mass.[3] The International Avoirdupois Pound was then created. It is the everyday system of weights used in the United States. It is still used, in varying degrees, in everyday life in the United Kingdom, Canada, and some other former British colonies, despite their official adoption of the metric system.

Post-Elizabethan units

In the United Kingdom, 14 avoirdupois pounds equals one stone. The quarter, hundredweight, and ton equal respectively, 28 lb, 112 lb, and 2,240 lb in order for masses to be easily converted between them and stones. The following are the units in the British or imperial version of the avoirdupois system:

Table of mass units
UnitRelative value Metric valueNotes
dram or drachm (dr)1256≈ 1.772 g116oz
ounce (oz)116≈ 28.35 g16 dr
pound (lb)1≈ 453.6 g16 oz
stone (st)14≈ 6.350 kg12qr
quarter (qr)28≈ 12.70 kg2 st
hundredweight (cwt)112≈ 50.80 kg4 qr
ton (t)
long ton
22401 016 kg20 cwt

American customary system

The 13 British colonies in North America used the avoirdupois system, but continued to use the British system as it was, without the evolution that was occurring in Britain in the use of the stone unit. In 1824 there was landmark new weights and measures legislation in the United Kingdom that the United States did not adopt.

Table of mass units
UnitRelative valueMetric valueNotes
grain (gr)>17000≈ 64.80 mg>17000 lb
dram (dr)>1256≈ 1.772 g>116oz
ounce (oz)>116≈ 28.35 g16 dr
pound (lb)1≈ 453.6 g16 oz
quarter (qr)25≈ 11.34 kg25 lb
hundredweight (cwt)100≈ 45.36 kg4 qr
ton (t)
short ton
2000≈ 907.2 kg20 cwt