Dynamic viscosity unit conversion table

This table contains conversions between almost all dynamic viscosity units. Some units of dynamic viscosity are common and some are relatively rare. This is a good query tool. Dynamic Viscosity Converter

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI units
pascal second(SI unit)Pa·s≡ N·s/m 2, kg/(m·s)= 1 Pa·s
poise( cgs unit)P≡ 1 barye·s= 0.1 Pa·s
pound per foot hourlb/(ft·h)≡ 1 lb/(ft·h)6996413378900000000♠4.133 789×10 −4 Pa·s
pound per foot secondlb/(ft·s)≡ 1 lb/(ft·s)7000148816400000000♠1.488 164 Pa·s
pound-force second per square footlbf·s/ft 2≡ 1 lbf·s/ft 27001478802600000000♠47.880 26 Pa·s
pound-force second per square inchlbf·s/in 2≡ 1 lbf·s/in 27003689475700000000♠6 894.757 Pa·s