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This frequency converter can be used to convert between common frequency units. Hertz, kHz, megahertz, millihertz, etc. Select any frequency unit to input the value. Click the convert button to get the value in other frequency units.

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Knowledge of converter

The hertz (symbol: Hz) is the derived unit of frequency in the International System of Units (SI) and is defined as one cycle per second. It is named for Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, the first person to provide conclusive proof of the existence of electromagnetic waves. Hertz are commonly expressed in multiples: kilohertz (103 Hz, kHz), megahertz (106 Hz, MHz), gigahertz (109 Hz, GHz), and terahertz (1012 Hz, THz).

SI multiples table

ValueSI symbolNameValueSI symbolName
10−1 HzdHzdecihertz101 HzdaHzdecahertz
10−2 HzcHzcentihertz102 HzhHzhectohertz
10−3 HzmHzmillihertz103 HzkHzkilohertz
10−6 HzµHzmicrohertz106 HzMHzmegahertz
10−9 HznHznanohertz109 HzGHzgigahertz
10−12 HzpHzpicohertz1012 HzTHzterahertz
10−15 HzfHzfemtohertz1015 HzPHzpetahertz
10−18 HzaHzattohertz1018 HzEHzexahertz
10−21 HzzHzzeptohertz1021 HzZHzzettahertz
10−24 HzyHzyoctohertz1024 HzYHzyottahertz
Common prefixed units are in bold face.